000 Old Town skyline from Vansu bridge_00002
000 Old Town skyline seen from Kipsala island_00004
001 Blackheads house at night
001 House of Blackheads and St Peters church_00585
002 House of Blackheads_00586
003 House of Blackheads 2_00583
004 Facade of House of Blackheads_00549
004 House of Blackheads 3_00584
004 Old Town - House of Blackheads
004 Old Town - The statue of Roland in Townhall square
005 Gates to Old Town
005 Old Town at night
006 Skarnu street in Old Town_00729
006 Skarnu street with st John and st Peter churches_00730
006 Skarnu street_00731
007 Old Town - Torna street with historical army barrack's building to the left
008 Old Town - St Peter's church (121 m), once the highest tower in the world
008 St Peters church 2_00745
008 St Peters church from the opposite bank of Daugava_00747
008 St Peters church_00749
009 Marstalu street with Reformatu church_00619
009 Medieval buildings so called Three Brothers_00622
009 Middle building of Three Brothers_00624
009 Part of Riga castle
009 Roland statue and St peter church tower_00720
009 Skarnu street and souvenir sellers_00728
009 St Peters church 3_00746
011 Old Town - walking street Valnu street differs from Old Town's feeling with it's 20th century beginning style
012 Old Town - Valnu street from other side
012 Square at St Peter church_00743
013 Old Town - Riga City Council building
013 Valnu street entrance to Old Town 2_00787
013 Valnu street entrance to Old Town_00788
014 Former Stock exchange building of Riga_00558
014 Konvent patio_00596
014 Old fortifications_00655
014 Vertical perspective_00796
015 Besides Latvian parliament building_00043
015 Old Town skyline from Kipsala island_00005
015 Small Guild and Great Guild_00737
015 Townhall tower over the rooftops_00773
016 Old Town - Livu square, always lively place
016 Old Town - Riga Dom church tower from Daugava embankment
016 Old Town cityscape_00656
017 Old Town - Souvenir's at Valnu street
017 Old wooden doors and Jauniela street_00660
018 Old Town - Valnu street
018 Old Town - building at Livu square
019 Old Town - tourist attraction - tour in carriage starts in Livu square
020 Old Town - Troksnu (Noise) street, probably the narrowest and cosiest street of old town
024 Old Town - charming streets and interesting building combinations
025 Old Town - Medieval style tavern and sidestreet in Old Town
028 Old Town - entrance from Bus station side
029 Old Town
030 Old Town - one of the best preserved medieval buildings in Riga are so callled 3 Brothers
031 Old Town - going into Old Town from Freedom Monument square, place which is live almost 24 hours a day
032 Old Town - big monumentalism buildings from 30ies are another piece of Old town's eclectism
033 Marstalu street
034 Old Town - Catholic church
035 Old Town
036 Old Town
069 Old Town - entrance to Old Town
070 Old Town - central (middle) street leading from waterfront to centre
071 Old Town - buildings in Vecpilsetas street
072 Old Town - so called bank crossing in Old town's outer side
073 Old Town - Swedish gates
074 Old Town - summer's streetcafe in Dom's square
075 Old Town - Parex bank building in Smilsu street
076 Old Town - other side of Old town's inner core
077 Old Town - one of street corners besides Dom's square
081 Old Town - Functionalism architecture from 20th Century
082 Old Town - Smilsu street, view from Bastejkalns hill
083 Old Town - some narrow street
084 Old Town - street in Christmas time
087 Old Town - medieval style bar
088 Old Town - silent and cosy restaurant at the side of one narrow street
097 Old Town - view from Swedish Gates
10 Townhall building
11 Dom church and square
11 Dom square at Christmas time
111 Old Town - Latvia's Radio building in Dom's square with it's very interesting neighbour (to the left)
112 Old Town - charming low-floor houses of Old Town
113 Old Town - 3-4 floor buildings is dominant in Riga's Old Town
114 Old Town - a bit of parisian style in Riga
115 Old Town - Tirgonu street
119 Old Town - outer side of Old Town, bordering with Boulevard Ring
120 Old Town - Door below balcony
121 Old Town - Corner of narrow streets
122 Old Town - buildings close to Latvian parliament
125 Old Town
126 Old Town - amber shop
Arhitekturas and Klostera street corner_00019
Arhitekturas street 2_00020
Arhitekturas street 3_00021
Arhitekturas street_00022
Arsenala street and Marijas Magdalenas street corner_00023
Arsenala street_00024
Audeju street view from west to east_00030
Bank Of Latvia
Building in Old Town with 3 women on balcony_00075
Building on Jekaba street_00081
Buildings on Kalku street_00090
Courtyard in Old Town with backside of modern building_00122
Courtyard in Old Town_00123
Entrance of Dom Church
Exhibition hall in the underground floor 2_00533
Exhibition hall in the underground floor_00534
Exhibition hall signage_00535
Facade details on Jauniela 2_00544
Facade details on Jauniela_00545
Facade on Jekaba street_00551
Hall of the passage_00573
Jauniela street_00591
Jekaba street 2_00593
Jekaba street_00594
Laipu street_00608
Menzendorf's House_00623
Modern building in Old Town_00633
Modern building in Riga Old Town_00634
Narrow street in Old Town_00640
New square in Old Town in the place of demolished Soviet wreck_00649
Old Town streetscape_00657
Old Town view from bus station _00658
Old Town walls_00659
Old town scenee
Old town view with 2 churches
Riga Old Town has also such large and beautiful buildings 2_00716
Riga Old Town has also such large and beautiful buildings_00717
Riga castle and Old Town churches
Roof covered patio_00721
Skunu street_00735
Small and luxurious patio in Old Town_00736
Small shopping passage in semi-basement floor_00738
St Johns church_00744
Townhall tower over the rooftops 2_00772
Vecpilsetas street_00789