001 Central bridges and Old Town skyline
001 Kipsala and Vansu bridge seen from right bank
002 Swedbank highrise and Vansu bridge from Akmens bridge
002 View to forthcoming modern highrise district in Riga - Kipsala
003 Old Town skyline from Vansu bridge
003 Old Town waterside from Salu bridge
003 Riga historical skyline from Kipsala
004 Old Town skyline seen from Kipsala island
004 Swedbank offices highrise and Vansu bridge
005 Old Town skyline from Kipsala island
005 Old Town waterside from Zakusala island
006 Riga skyline seen from Zakusala island
007 Riga right bank skyline opposite to Zakusala island
007 Swedbank highrise and pillar of Vansu bridge seen from right bank
008 Riga Railway bridge ilumination at night
008 Riga railway bridge
010 Riga railway bridge at night
010 Riga skyline from Salu bridge
011 Riga skyline from Salu bridge with Zakusala island to the left
012 Right bank (Moscow district and Old town) riverside
013 Railway bridge and Swedbank highrise
014 Close-up to right bank
014 View from Salu bridge towards central bridges
015 Fly-over of Salu bridge and offices building behind
016 Latvian Television building on Zakusala island
017 Akmens bridge
017 Akmens bridge at night
017 Riga skyline from Salu bridge (zoom in)
017 Riga skyline from right bank close to Railway bridge
018 Close-up to Old Town and Central Market waterside
019 Central Market and Spikeri district
020 Kipsala from left bank
021 Railway bridge and TV tower behind it
022 Riga left bank from right bank (lights reflects upcoming national library silhouette)
024 Hotel Radison SAS
025 Riga skyline from Southern bridge
026 Skyline from Southern bridge with zoom to the central part - the bridges
027 Zakusala northern part and left bank behind
027 Zoom to centre from Southern bridge