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Map of Riga investition projects
 June 27, 2009

Riga investition map

Legends: RED - last completed construction projects of "The Fat years" (construction boomtime) over 70 mio EUR YELLOW - currently active (under construction) projects over 70 mio EUR BLUE - projects over 70 mio EUR which has started works but is on hold now TRANSPARENT GREEN - future megaprojects (over 500 mio EUR)                                       

Note: bars represents the approximate amount of investments of each project; some projects aren't included in this map due to lack of information about their costs; there are also projects which costs may be outdated; Southern bridge is displayed with it's 1st and 2nd stage costs


1 Southern bridge 1st and 2nd stage (direct costs ~250 mio EUR, total: 700 mio EUR)

2 National Library (200 mio EUR)


2 Metropolia (residential highrises)

3 Riga Plaza (shopping centre, ~100 mio EUR)

4 Krustkalni apartments


1 Airport City (total investments: ~400 mio EUR)

2 Soleville (huge residential district with ~2500 apartments, investments: 350 mio EUR)

3 Z Towers (2 business highrises, Sheraton hotel, ~130 mio EUR)

4 SIA Merks projects in Skanste district (~500 mio EUR)

5 Jupiters centre (business highrises)

6 Rotermann quarter (multifunctional block in the place of former Sport palace)

7 Tango quarter (multifunctional quarter in city's centre)

8 Ezerparks (new city district, ~800 mio EUR)

9 "Jaunā Teika" by Lithuanian developer Hanner

10 "Panorama Plaza" (4 appartment highrises, 2 built, 3rd stays half-finished and abandoned) Picture from June 2007:

FUTURE MEGAPROJECTS (dreams of "The Fat Years")

1 New Mezaparks (very unreal, planned investments: 2 bln EUR)

2 Northern Crossing (bridge or tunnel crossing over Daugava river, investments around 1 bln EUR)

3 Andrejsala development (huge new district close to city centre, 1 bln EUR)

4 Rumbula (new city district, 1 bln EUR)

5 Zakusala entertainment complex (500 mio EUR; delayed for several years & could be changed)

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