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Riga centre from aboveRIGA - world's capital of the most imaginative historical architecture style - Art Nouveau. There are >800 Art Nouveau buildings (more than in any other city) in Riga centre alone, as well as many great examples of other architecture styles, like Art Deco, Functionalism, Classicism (etc.), charming central parks and boulevards, cosy Old Town with outstanding skyline and over it all - dynamic, cosmopolitan life pulse. Here you can explore huge and quality photo collection of this thrilling city - currently ~800 photos available from central part, more coming soon!

Vilnius senamiestis Old TownVILNIUS - Vilnius is another jewel of Baltic states. Lithuania's capital is blessed with it's beautiful natural location on hills, creating fantastic view perspectives. In the very middle valley there is one of largest Old Towns in Europe with many amazing examples of baroque and other medieval architecture.                                                   

TALLINN - Estonia's capital offers beautifully preserved Old Town which makes you feel medieval atmosphere on every corner. As a great contrast, modern business district with several stylish highrises and futuristic architecture quarter "Rotermann" just next to it.

PARIS - There is no such thing as "the most beautiful city on Earth", but Paris is a city which has been tried to call as "the most beautiful" more than any else city. It's incredible heritage consists of so many palaces, parks, museums and other hotspots, endless Hausmannian quarters, modern buildings and various surprising wonders in suburbs, that one should spend his whole life there to properly explore this city. Of course, this tiny photo gallery can give just a small overview - and also only of "the surface".

STOCKHOLM - Stockholm lacks only one thing to be absolute "paradise city" - it is Greece's climate. Everything else is charming like in dream there. Stockholm's essence lies in the best urban watersides of the world where many beautiful buildings are built on rocky coasts of city's countless islands. Swedish perfection and richness also is everywhere - city is greatly organized, clean and highly developed.

ROME - The city where world's history breathes in the back of your neck on every step. Maybe even in a bit "heavy" and intrusive way, but still - Rome's unprecedental past and it's heritage makes it the "mother of all cities".

MARSEILLE - France's second largest city can offer so unusual experience as few cities can. Marseille's urban identity is unique cocktail of dense historical quarters built on hilly streets which fills the landscape between seaside and mountains, and it all is poured with the sauce of typical Southern port city's dirtyness and grit. Amazing!

Coming soon - photo galleries of Marseille, Warsaw, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Brussels, Liverpool and smaller towns of Europe! 


Ikars Kublins (e-mail: ikarskublins@gmail.com)