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RED CIRCLES - pointers to buildings, objects; RED SQUARES - broader views; pointers to places from where the photo is taken   Elizabetes street 43/45 Alunana street 7_Sweden embassy Alunana street 5 Pumpura street view Antonijas street 2_Russia embassy Antonijas street and Russian embassy Antonijas street 3 Kalpaka boulevard 5 Elizabetes street 10b_famous facade Elizabetes street 10b facade Elizabetes street 10 Elizabetes street 10_Art Nouveau pearl Elizabetes street 33 Elizabetes street 33_famous corner building Antonijas street 9 Elizabetes street 31a Elizabetes street 31 Elizabetes street view Elizabetes street 23 Elizabetes street 21a Elizabetes street northern part Strelnieku street 2a Strelnieku street view Crossing of Elizabetes Strelnieku and Brieza streets Elizabetes street 21 Alberta street view Alberta street Alberta street is one of the most famous streets of Riga Strelnieku street view Elizabetes street 2 - World Trade Center Riga Elizabetes street 19 Elizabetes street buildings Elizabetes street 15 Rupniecibas street view Elizabetes street 11 Pavement of Elizabetes street Elizabetes street view Kronvalda boulevard 10 Kronvalda boulevard 10 Vilandes street 1 Vilandes street view Facades of Vilandes street Facade on Vilandes street Vilandes street 11 Entrance of Vilandes street 11 Rupniecibas street 1 Elizabetes street 3 Rupniecibas street 5 Rupniecibas street 11 Church on Vilandes street Courtyard in Silent centre Star shape crossing in Silent centre Pulkveza Brieza street 2 Pulkveza Brieza street 3 Pulkveza Brieza street Latvenergo headoffices Pulkveza Brieza street 15 Alberta street 9 Monument to Riga mayor George Armitsted Alberta street 13 Facade details on Alberta street corner Strelnieku street 4a Facade details on Strelnieku street Alberta street 12 Entrance of Alberta street 12 Alberta street 8 Facade details on Alberta street 8 Facade details on Alberta street Alberta street 10 Alberta street 4 Alberta street 2 Alberta street 2a Facade details on Alberta street 2a Strelnieku and Mednieku street corner Dzirnavu street northern end Dzirnavu street 15 Strelnieku street view Dzirnavu street from it's northern end Modern appartment building on Pulkveza Brieza street House on Dzirnavu street end Vidus street view Vidus street 11 Hanzas street 7 Fireman building on Hanzas street 5 Rupniecibas street 24 Vilandes street 17 Rupniecibas street 19 Vilandes street 14 Vilandes street 16 Valkas street 6 Valkas street 1 Ausekla street 14 Ausekla street pavement Ausekla street corner Eksporta street 6 Eksporta street Eksporta street 5 View to Sakaru street

Review >>> Silent centre 

Elizabetes street klusais centrsSilent Centre (Klusais Centrs) is one of the most beautiful parts of Riga - in terms of the real sense of the word "beautiful". This area is the richest, most prestigious, most renovated part of Riga centre, which holds many of the most unique & outstanding Riga's Art Nouveau architecture examples.

 Silent Centre started to develop at the end of 19th/beginning of 20th Century. In 1900, in the previous place of city's gardening, Riga started to build a new street network, starting with Alberta street (however, many of buildings on area around Vīlandes street were built a few years earlier already). Silent Centre quickly became a place where most talented architects (to name Mikhail Eisenstein as the most famous one) freely expressed themselves and competed with one another in the most modish architecture style of that time - Youth Style (Jugendstil, as Germans call it), Freedom style (Italian's name) or Art Nouveau, as we know it today. The place became a place of residence for the "cream of society" and this public was varied - from artists and writers to businessmans, jurists and doctors.

Art Nouveau entrance on Vilandes streetNowadays Silent Centre is the home for many embassies and luxurious appartments. It has been recognized by Riga's inhabitants as the most respectable place to live in Riga centre - 43 % of rigans gave such answer in the sociological survey a few years ago. Most popular parts of this centre part are famous Alberta street (which still hasn't got the proper amount of tourists, if comparing to those crowds who are enjoying Old Town) and posh Elizabetes street's northern part. Vīlandes, Ausekļa and some other streets are very interesting too. However, Silent Centre is not absolutely homogenous - one can find also neglected and/or simplier buildings here.

Is Silent centre really "silent"? Well, Pulkveža Brieža and Elizabetes streets, of course - not, because they are lively traffic arteries, Antonijas street is always quite fulfilled with people, but Ausekļa, Vīlandes, Rūpniecības, Alberta, Strēlnieku and other streets - yes, city noises and hullabaloo really disappears there and you find yourself on rather empty streets in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere, surrounded by splendid architecture masterpieces. Although "splendid", "beautiful" or "magnificent" are not the right words - it's impossible to express verbally the soul-touching feelings which comes from the experience of Riga's Art Nouveau architecture.

Alberta streetSome urbanity fans may dislike that "Silent centre" feels "dead", but that fits in the place perfectly and it's exactly what Riga centre needs - an island of peace in the sea of noise, thick and haste. It has some cons though - Silent centre as an ideal place of residence could have a bit more public infrastructure - especially shops. However, there are some cafes, and at least one of them (on Elizabetes street northern part) not so expensive as one could imagine for such a posh district. There are also libraries, health centre (on Mednieku street) and even church (baptist church on Vīlandes street). Of course, the very centre with all it's shops, culture institutions and entertainment establishments and all other public infrastructure isn't miles away - just about 1 km walk to the south and you're already in the heart of metropolis life.

As regards to safety, most of Silent centre could be the safest area in Riga. Ausekļa, Vīlandes, Rūpniecības, Strēlnieku, Alberta, Antonijas streets should be perfectly safe both in day and night time. I haven't seen any type of dangerous or "weird people" there, this is not the place where they use to walk around. However, less-prestigious Silent centre parts, outer sides - Eksporta or Dzirnavu streets - could be a bit less safe, but still, far from the places to be afraid of.

In overall, Silent centre really is one of the most desirable places to live in Riga, especially if one find suitable to live in a perimetrical 5-6 floor building quarters in mostly arranged, renovated environment with a glamour of ornate Art Nouveau architecture and strong touch of elitarism flavour.


Silent centre Quality of Living Index (my evaluations):


Silent Centre photos by objects in alphabetical order (click on record to see the picture)

Nr. Objects A-Z District
1 Alberta and Strēlnieku street corner (facade details) Silent centre
2 Alberta street 10 Silent centre
3 Alberta street 12 Silent centre
4 Alberta street 12 (entrance) Silent centre
5 Alberta street 13 Silent centre
6 Alberta street 2 Silent centre
7 Alberta street 2a Silent centre
8 Alberta street 2a (facade details) Silent centre
9 Alberta street 4 Silent centre
10 Alberta street 6 (facade details) Silent centre
11 Alberta street 8 Silent centre
12 Alberta street 8 (facade details) Silent centre
13 Alberta street 9 Silent centre
14 Alberta street view Silent centre
15 Alberta street view (2) Silent centre
16 Alberta street view (3) Silent centre
17 Alunāna street 5 Silent centre
18 Alunāna street 7 (Sweden embassy) Silent centre
19 Andreja Pumpura street view Silent centre
20 Antonijas street 2 (Russia embassy) Silent centre
21 Antonijas street 3 Silent centre
23 Antonijas street 9 Silent centre
24 Antonijas street view Silent centre
25 Ausekļa street 14 Silent centre
26 Ausekļa street corner Silent centre
27 Ausekļa street pavement Silent centre
28 Courtyard in Silent Centre Silent centre
29 Dzirnavu street 15 Silent centre
30 Dzirnavu street end, small house Silent centre
31 Dzirnavu street northern part Silent centre
32 Dzirnavu street view from north to south Silent centre
33 Eksporta street 5 Silent centre
34 Eksporta street 6 Silent centre
35 Eksporta street view Silent centre
36 Elizabetes street 10 Silent centre
37 Elizabetes street 10 (2) Silent centre
38 Elizabetes street 10b Silent centre
39 Elizabetes street 10b (2) Silent centre
40 Elizabetes street 11 Silent centre
41 Elizabetes street 15 Silent centre
42 Elizabetes street 19 Silent centre
43 Elizabetes street 2 (World Trade Center Riga) Silent centre
44 Elizabetes street 21 Silent centre
45 Elizabetes street 21a Silent centre
46 Elizabetes street 23 Silent centre
47 Elizabetes street 3 Silent centre
48 Elizabetes street 31 Silent centre
49 Elizabetes street 31a Silent centre
50 Elizabetes street 33 Silent centre
51 Elizabetes street 33 (2) Silent centre
52 Elizabetes street 45/47 and 41/43 Silent centre
53 Elizabetes street buildings Silent centre
54 Elizabetes street northern part Silent centre
55 Elizabetes street pavement Silent centre
56 Elizabetes street view Silent centre
57 Elizabetes street view (2)  Silent centre
58 Elizabetes, Strēlnieku and Pulkveža Brieža street crossing Silent centre
59 Elizabetes, Strēlnieku and Pulkveža Brieža street crossing (2) Silent centre
60 Hanzas street 5 Silent centre
61 Hanzas street 7 Silent centre
62 Jura Alunāna street 5 Silent centre
63 Kalpaka boulevard 5 Silent centre
64 Kronvalda boulevard 10 Silent centre
65 Kronvalda boulevard 10 (2) Silent centre
66 Monument to George Armitstedt (Riga mayor) Silent centre
67 Pulkveža Brieža street 12 (Latvenergo headoffices) Silent centre
68 Pulkveža Brieža street 15 Silent centre
69 Pulkveža Brieža street 2 Silent centre
70 Pulkveža Brieža street 3 Silent centre
71 Pulkveža Brieža street (modern building) Silent centre
72 Pulkveža Brieža street view Silent centre
73 Rūpniecības street 1 Silent centre
74 Rūpniecības street 11 Silent centre
75 Rūpniecības street 19 Silent centre
76 Rūpniecības street 24 Silent centre
77 Rūpniecības street 5 Silent centre
78 Rūpniecības street view Silent centre
79 Sakaru street view Silent centre
80 Strēlnieku street view (3) Silent centre
81 Strēlnieku and Mednieku street corner Silent centre
82 Strēlnieku street 2a Silent centre
83 Strēlnieku street 4a Silent centre
84 Strēlnieku street facades Silent centre
85 Strēlnieku street view Silent centre
86 Strēlnieku street view (2) Silent centre
87 Valkas street 1 Silent centre
88 Veru street 6 Silent centre
89 Vidus street 11 Silent centre
90 Vidus street view Silent centre
91 Vīlandes street 1 Silent centre
92 Vīlandes street 11 Silent centre
93 Vīlandes street 11 (entrance) Silent centre
94 Vīlandes street 14 Silent centre
95 Vīlandes street 16 Silent centre
96 Vīlandes street 17   Silent centre
97 Vīlandes street 9 (baptist church) Silent centre
98 Vīlandes street facade Silent centre
99 Vīlandes street facades Silent centre
100 Vīlandes street view  Silent centre

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