RED CIRCLES - pointers to buildings, objects; RED SQUARES - broader views; pointers to places from where the photo is taken   Ģertrūdes baznīca church Riga Ģertrūdes Gertrudes church Appartment building next to Gertrudes church dzīvojamā ēka Ģertrūdes Circular street around Gertrudes church Gertrudes (Ģertrūdes) church (baznīca) Gertrudes (Ģertrūdes iela) street view Gertrudes church and posh appartments Gertrudes church spire (tornis) Art Nouveau Gertrude Building with very unusual shape Facade details on Gertrudes street Great buildings on Gertrudes street Small wooden house and big masonry building - quite typical Riga view Stabu street 13 - a bit different style Brivibas (Brīvības) street view - Riga couture (modes nams) Brivibas street (Brīvības iela) 68 - impressive corner building Gertrudes street (Ģertrūdes iela) 10/12 - modern architecture Brivibas street 55 - huge and beautiful Brivibas street massive urban built-up Brivibas street view (Brīvības iela) Front side of Gertrudes church Gertrudes street view Brivibas street - 2km from Old Town Brivibas street 74 - corner building Brivibas street 76 - beautiful Jugendstil Brivibas street view in direction to central core Traffic on brivibas street

Gertrude church area [Ģertrūdes baznīcas apkārtne]