Appartment building besides Daugava stadium_00001
Asara street 2_00002
Building on Pernavas street_00008
Chimney sweepers statue besides Matisa street
Close to Daugava stadium urban environment around railway lines marks the border of historical centre_00072
Corner building of Tallinn street
Corner building on Pernavas street_00009
Corner building on Pernavas street_00051
Corner building on Pernavas street_00059
Corner of Lienes and Deglava streets
Corner of Pernavas and Zvaigznu street crossing_00066
Corner of Tallin street
Daugava stadium 2_00010
Daugava stadium 3_00011
Daugava stadium 4_00012
Daugava stadium backside 2_00005
Daugava stadium backside_00006
Daugava stadium entrance_00048
Daugava stadium_00013
Electrical substation between Grizinkalns park and railway_00047
Facade details on fireman building_00049
Fireman building on Asara street_00050
Gas reservoirs of Matisa street southern end
Gas reservoirs on Matisa street
Great reflections on glass facade_00052
Grizinkalna park 2_00053
Grizinkalna park 3_00054
Grizinkalna park is located on a small hill_00055
Grizinkalna park stairs leading up on the hill_00056
Grizinkalna park_00057
Grizinkalna park_Avenue on the hill
Grizinkalna park_Monument to the revolution of 1905
Hotel building on Pernavas street_00058
Large building on Asara street
Large building on Asara street 2
Lauku street 2_00060
Lauku street_00061
Lienes and Murnieku street corner
Matisa and Valmieras street corner
Matisa street
Matisa street building
Matisa street buildings
Matissa street building
Modern appartment building besides Grizinkalna park _00062
Modern appartment building besides Grizinkalna park perfectly fits in surroundings_00063
Murnieku street wooden built-up
Olive appartments building_00065
On Tallin street
Pernavas street view
Plavas street
Plavas street wooden quarter
Quite interesting and enormous appartment building between Daugava stadium and Grizinkalna park_00067
Small park besides Matisa street
Small park besides Matisa street 2
Small wooden house right next to Grizinkalna park_00068
Smaller masonry buildings
St Pavil church entrance
St Pavil church in neogothic style
Stadiona street - leading to Daugava stadium_00069
Stadiona street building_00007
Tallin street
Tallin street building
Tallin street scene
Tallin street view
Tallina street building
Tallinas street 2_00070
Tallinas street corner 2
Tallinas street_00071
View of Asara street_00003
View to Avotu street
View to sidestreet
Wooden building on Valmieras street corner