21st Century meets 20th Century_00009
Centra Nams and Agriculture ministry_00095
Centra nams appartment building in Citadele_00632
Church in Citadele district_00102
Citadele district_00106
Citadele skyline_00107
Corner of Valdemara street
Ernst and Young building_00530
Ernst and Young modern office building_00635
Evening traffic_00532
Fortification window_00559
Grand building on Citadeles and Muitas street corner_00567
Historical low floor building in Citadele district_00574
Historical militar buildings in Citadele_00576
Kronvalda and Citadeles street crossing in northern part of Citadele_00597
Kronvalda boulevard 2_00598
Kronvalda boulevard_00599
Kronvalda park_00600
Lovely square in Citadele district_00615
Ministry of Foreign affarirs building at night
National Theatre
National Theatre at night
New Parex bank offices_00677
New Parex office building_00646
New building in Citadele_00645
Old and new buildings in Citadele district_00653
Old fortification structure_00654
Riga canal 1_00695
Riga port authority building in Kronvald park_00718
Riga port authority in Kronvalda park_00651
Something of Asian style in Riga_00739
Soviet highrise of Agriculture ministry_00740
Soviet time buildings in Citadele district_00741
Square at Congress Hall
This monumental building (Ministry of Foreign affarirs) is located on Valdemara street_00770
Trams on Kronvalda boulevard_00774
Ulmanis monument
Vansu bridge
Vertical harmony_00795