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1 OLD TOWN - the very heart of Riga, place of great churches, cosy and narrow streets, lively squares, and an eclectic mix of architecture which you won't see anywhere else in the world!

2 BOULEVARD RING - Riga's 19th century parks with city canal in the middle and ornate buildings on sides is the most beautiful place if you want to relax from city rush.                                                   

3 CENTRAL MARKET AREA - welcome to one of the largest markets in Europe, situated in unique architectonic structures - five huge hangars from 1st World War time. There are also Stalinist highrise of Science Academy and two stunning wooden churches in this area!

4 CITADELE AND KRONVALD PARK - Citadele area is old 17th century fortification area with some buildings remained until nowadays. It's neighbouring Kronvald park is continuation of Boulevard Ring parks.

5 "SILENT" CENTRE - poshest and most prestigious part of Riga where apartments' prices exceeds even those of Old Town. It holds some of the most unique Art Nouveau architecture examples in the world and is the must-see area when you are in Riga!

6 AREA AROUND GERTRUDES CHURCH - this church looks great by itself and it has some very beautiful buildings around it.

7 CENTRAL PART OF THE CENTRE - the most dense and urban part of Riga where 5-7 floor buildings makes perimetrical built-up with many great architecture examples.

8 GRIZINKALNS - as a historical workers district of Riga this area is a bit simpler in architecture but it still has many interesting spots to discover and overall it - unique charm of the place.

9 DISTANT CENTRE - in this part of Riga centre you will find many smaller wooden houses as well as big masonry ones too. The most impressive part of it is Brivibas street urban built-up but at the same time some other streets will give you a feeling of small fairy-tale town.


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