Barona street - always full of life_00033
Barona street at night
Barona street has quite many smaller wooden houses, in opposite to Brivibas or Caka streets_00034
Barona street in winter
Barona street traffic_00035
Barona street urban mix-up of wooden and masonry buildings with different height_00036
Barona street view_00037
Barona street vieww
Baznicas street show some really interesting architecture diversity_00039
Berga hotel
Berga patio 2
Berga patio 3
Berga patio corridor
Berga patio is shopping area
Berga patio shops
Berga patio shops 2
Berga patio shops 3
Berga patio shops 4
Birznieka Upisa street view
Birznieka Upisa street view to central city core
Blaumana street view
Blaumana street_00047
Brand new and modern building on Valdemara street_00048
Brivibas street Orthodox church
Brivibas street about 1 km from Old Town_00051
Brivibas street close to Old Town - showing it's different faces_00056
Brivibas street close to Old Town_00057
Brivibas street in central part of the centre2_00061
Brivibas street in central part of the centre_00060
Brivibas street massive urbanity
Brivibas street massive view
Brivibas street night scene
Brivibas street starts here_00066
Brivibas street vertical view
Brivibas street with different style buildings_00069
Brivibas street_00072
Brivibas street_00666
Bruninieku street_00073
Building on Barona street 2_00077
Building on Barona street_00078
Building on Birznieka Upisa street
Building on Lacplesa
Building on Tallinas street
Building on Valdemara street 2_00083
Building on Valdemara street_00085
Buildings along Marijas street
Buildings alongside Lacplesa street_00088
Buildings on Lacplesa street 2
Buildings on Valdemara street
Buildings on Valdemara street_00091
Buillding on Caka street
Cabinet of Ministers building_00092
Cabinet of ministers and reval
Caka streeet view
Caka street
Caka street building
Caka street building 2
Caka street building 3
Caka street buildings_00093
Caka street view 2
Caka street view 3
Caka street view 4
Caka street view 6
Caka street_00094
Church and Lacplesa street on background_00101
Corner Caka street 00663
Corner On Barona street_00661
Corner between Raina boulevard and Valdemara street_00111
Corner building
Corner building Latvian National Library
Corner building forgot where it is
Corner building in functionalistic style
Corner building of Baznicas street
Corner building of Birznieka Upisa street
Corner building of Brivibas and Bruninieku streets
Corner building of Caka street
Corner building of Dzirnavu and Brivibas streets_00113
Corner building of Dzirnavu street
Corner building of Skolas street
Corner building of Terbatas street
Corner building on Barona street
Corner building on Barona street_00114
Corner building on Brivibas street  6
Corner building on Brivibas street 3
Corner building on Brivibas street 5
Corner building on Brivibas stret 2
Corner building on Caka street
Corner building on Caka street 2
Corner building on Caka street 3
Corner building on Caka street 4
Corner building on Caka street 5
Corner building on Lacplesa and Caka streets_00116
Corner building on Lacplesa street
Corner building on Lacplesa street - the first really large building when entering centre from south_00117
Corner building on Terbatas street 2
Corner building on Terbatas street 3
Corner building on Terbatas street 4
Corner building on Terbatas street 7
Corner building on Terbatas streett
Corner building on Valdemara street
Corner building on briivibas street
Corner building on one of Marijas street corners_00568
Corner buildingg on Valdemara street
Corner grand building on Barona street
Corner large building on Terbatas street
Corner modern building on Barona street
Corner of 13 Janvara street
Corner of Barona street in winter
Corner of Caka
Corner of Lacplesa
Corner of Lacplesa 2
Corner of Merkela boulevard
Corner of Valdemara and Elizabetes streets
Corner on Brona street
Corner wooden building on Terbatas
Cosy 4 story building_00120
Cosy courtyard on Kalpaka boulevard_00121
Courtyard of Brivibas street_00125
Courtyard of Bruninieku street
Courtyard of Terbatas street
Courtyard of Terbatas street 2
Courtyard of Terbatas street 3
Courtyard of Terbatas street 4
Courtyard of Terbatas street 5
Courtyard of Terbatas street 6
Courtyard on Bsrona
Courtyard on bruninieku street
Courtyard view of Riga masonry appartments
Dailes theatre
Dailes theatre 2
Dzirnavu and Brivibas street corner_00514
Dzirnavu street alongisde cinema Riga_00515
Dzirnavu street view_00516
Dzirnavu street_00517
Eastern end of Terbatas street_00519
Elizabetes street at winter
Elizabetes street in winter
Elizabetes street in winter 2
Elizabetes street, functionalism besides Reval Hotel Latvia_00523
Entrance doors on Baznicas street_00527
Entrance to centre from vansu bridge_00528
Facade details of Cinema Riga entrance
Facade details on Baznicas street_00541
Facade details on Lacplesa street_00546
Facade details on Terbatas streeet
Facade details with anno year of house in Lacplesa street_00548
Facade on Brivibas street_00550
Facades Art Nouveau  in the evening sunlight (Lacplesa street)_00040
First highrise of Riga
Fountain at modern building on Terbatas street_00561
Functionalism on Lacplesa street
Functionalism on Terbatas corner
Gertrudes street view 2
Gertrudes street view 3
Gertrudes street view 4
Great combination of wooden and modern
Grey day in Barona street
Hospital building on Bruninieku street
Hotel building on Valdemara street_00581
Just a nice building
Lacplesa street 2_00603
Lacplesa street Art Nouveau pearl on Lacplesa street_00027
Lacplesa street view
Lacplesa street view 2
Lacplesa street view with New Riga Theatre building in the centre_00604
Lacplesa street view_00605
Lacplesa street_00606
Low floor building on Valdemara street_00616
Marijas street
Marijas street in the very centre_00618
Massive urban streetscene
Matisa streeet building
Matisa street building
Matisa street building 4
Matisa street church
Matisa street fragment_00620
Matisa street in it's northern end_00621
Matisa street view
Matisa street view 2
Matisa street view 3
Matisa street view 4
Matisa street view 5
Modern Corner building  named Moscow house  close to Central station_00639
Modern and historical integration on Terbatas street_00631
Modern appartments besides Ziedondarza park
Modern appartments in Ziedondarza park
Modern appartments in Ziedondarza park and playground
Modern building on Lacplesa and Matisa street corner_00602
Modern building on Lacplesa street
Modern corner building on Barona street
Modern corner building on Matisa street
Modern corner building on Trebatas
Modern facade on Blaumana
Modern facades
Modern meets historical
Monument to Oskars Kalpaks latvian military commander
Monument to artist Karlis Irbite on Brivibas street_00637
National Art Museum facade
National Art museum
National art museum backside
Nationall Art Museum
New Riga Theatre from street level_00647
New Riga Theatre_00648
Nice Art Nouveau building on Stabu street
Night at Marijas street
Night street view of Merkela bouevard
Old factory building now is concert hall on Lacplesa street
One of Christmas trees
Ornate building on Baznicas street_00670
Orthodox cathedral on Brivibas boulvard_00673
Orthodox cathedral on Brivibas street2
Orthodox cathedral on Caka street_00671
Orthodox church between Blaumana and Lacplesa streets_00672
Orthodox cloister besides church_00676
People enjoying rubiks cube
Place on Alunana street
Place on Barona street
Place on Barona street 2
Place on Barona street 3
Reflections - historical on modern_00689
Reval Hotel
Reval Hotel Latvia highrise - largest hotel in Latvia_00690
Reval Hotel Latvia highrise_00691
Reval Hotel Latvia low floor extension_00692
Reval Hotel Latvia_00693
Reval hotel Latvia and cabinet of ministres
Rietumu bank_00694
Shops on Brivibas street_00725
Skolas street - smaller and silent street in the very centre_00732
Skolas street 2_00733
Skolas street_00734
Smaller building in between 2 larger ones on Caka street_00010
Something modern
Southern part of centre Avotu street
Square at modern office building with fountain and huge video display_00742
Stabu street view
Stabu street view 2
Stabu street_00750
Such type of buildings are schools usually in Riga
Terbatas centrs - one of 2 modern office buildings on Terbatas and Lacplesa street corner_00754
Terbatas street - modern building gates_00755
Terbatas street 2_00756
Terbatas street 3_00757
Terbatas street 4_00758
Terbatas street composition
Terbatas street pavement scene_00760
Terbatas street urban scene (close-up)_00761
Terbatas street urban scene_00762
Terbatas street view
Terbatas street view 2
Terbatas street view 3
Terbatas street view 4
Terbatas street_00763
The end of Terbatas street_00764
This bridge over the railway marks the end of historical centre_00768
Traffic on brivibas street
Unusual building on Skolas street_00777
Unusual building on Skolas street_2_00778
Valdemara street at national art museum_00785
Valdemara street_00786
Very interesting advertisement on Dzirnavu street building wall_00799
Vidzemes market_00800
View from Brivibas street to Old Town_00801
Wooden building entrance on Bruninieku street
Wooden building on Elizabetes
Wooden building on Terbatas street
Wooden house on Barona street_00808
Wooden house on Lacplesa street_00590
Wooden on Barona
Z_Art Nouveau entrance_00026
Z_Backside of the Orthodox church_00032
Ziedondarza park
Ziedondarza park 2
Ziedondarza park 3
Ziedondarza park 4
Ziedondarza park 5