001 View to opera from it's garden
002 Fountain sculpture (A.Volz) in forefront, Opera building behind
002 National Opera 3_00642
002 National Opera 4_00643
002 National opera 2_00641
003 National opera_00644
004 Facade details of National Opera_00536
004 Fountain at Opera_00562
004 Opera fountain
006 Boulevard Ring - opera building
006 Latvia's National Opera forefront
006 Opera from back side with reflection in Riga canal
007 Freedom monument
007 Liberty monument_00614
007 The symbol of Latvia independence - Liberty monument in the middle of Boulevard Ring parks
008 Laima clock is traditional meeting place in Riga centre_00607
008 The monumental Hotel Riga building_00765
009 Art Academy
009 View to Aspazijas Boulevard_00802
013 Boulevard Ring - Nymph sculpture and fontain in forefront of Latvian National opera
014 Boulevard Ring - opera and light installation in Latvia's 90th anniversary celebrations
016 Boulevard Ring - park square at the opera
017 Boulevard ring - play of colours in opera's park
018 Boulevard Ring - Riga canal
019 Boulevard Ring - the backside of University of Latvia building
10 University Of Latvia_00776
108 Boulevard Ring - Raina Boulevard
11 University of Latvia through opera park
12 Riga Canal and National opera_00697
13 Riga canal alongside Meierovica street_00696
Aspazijas boulevard
Aspazijas boulevard 2
Aspazijas boulevard_00029
Bastejkalns park_00038
Building on Raina Boulevard_00082
Building on Raina boulevard
Building on Valdemara street and Kalpaka boulevard corner_00084
Building on small sidestreet
Buildings alongside Kalpaka boulevard northern part are silently hiding beyond trees_00087
Corner building on Raina boulevard
Corner of Kalpaka boulevard and Valdemara street - Parex bank headoffices_00119
Embassy of Germany on Raina Boulevard_00525
Fountain at Latvijas Krajbanka building_00560
Fountain in Bastejkalns park
Fountain in Bastejkalns park 2
France embassy opposite to Bastejkalna park_00563
Germany embassy_00564
Historical meets modern_00575
Hotel Riga building when looking through opera park
Lightened sculpture in Vermana Garden park in celebration of Latvia's 90th year of independece
One of the  buildings located in embassy district_00664
Park area between Kalpaka boulevard (to the left) and Elizabetes street
Pavement of the Raina Boulevard (Rainis was famous Latvian poet)
People waiting tram...
Quite untypical inner yard of Riga - looks more like Vilnius_00686
Raina Boulevard_00687
Small cafe house
Song and Dance festival time
The President (M)_00766
US Embassy_00783
Vermana Garden park in early spring
Vermana Garden park is situated alongside Kalpaka boulevard
View to University of Latvia from Vermana Garden park