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Riga map of construction projects
Riga Projects Map This map of largest (over 70 mio EUR) Riga investment projects shows the situation (May 2009) in Riga's construction business. The economic crisis effect is clearly visible - all the blue bars indicates projects which has been stopped and is on hold now, only yellow bars are actively developing (under construction). Of course, map is not absolutely reliable because of lack of information or outdated information about projects costs.
World's largest metro systems (part 1)
METRO Metro is the king of public transport for more than 140 years now - people still have not invented a better way of urban transportation. Metro is another dimension of a city, it's like a whole separate world which is so emotionally saturated and with so great cinematic quality that many movie makers chooses it as a background of their films scenes. No doubt - metro is the place with special character. But which metro systems of the world are the most important, depending on factors like amount of passengers, network length, architecture, etc.?
Global crisis stops skyscraper construction
Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road Global economic crisis strikes negative impact on construction works and city developments in many cities of the planet. Skyscrapers (especially supertalls) suffers the most - because they are the most expensive development projects.

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